Want to DOUBLE your sales leads in 60 days or less?

With a focus on smart, cost-effective digital marketing that generates results, you’ll see your profits change dramatically with us

We can generate more leads than you can handle

(if you want them)

Digital Marketing isn’t about vanity posts on Facebook, burning $500 a day on ads, or doing ‘brand awareness’ advertising.

It’s about finding your target market online and hitting them with specially crafted offers that’ll get them to take action straight away.

At Local Visibility, we’ll show you how to do both (so for every dollar you put in, you can expect at least two back out).

It all starts with the 4 ‘S’s…

Strategy, then SEO/SEM/Social

Like EVERY successful business, we start with a strategy first to work out what’s needed to deliver on your business goals.

In our one-on-one marketing strategy session, we get to understand:

How your business operates (and why you do what you do)

What digital marketing (if any) you’ve done before

Which of your products or services is the most profitable and easiest for you to sell

Who your local competitors are and what they do differently to you

And most importantly – what results you’d like to achieve

When you’re ready to go, we’ll take massive action

(if you want them)

You’d be surprised what a focussed team with a great marketing plan can achieve in just 60 days. Our digital marketing experts will utilise the latest online tools and platforms to get your business noticed fast.

Here’s what we’ll do:

We’ll get you found with Local Search

Google’s latest search algorithms are designed around local results and that’s means ‘Maps’. We’ll maximise how and where your business shows up in search results so that prospects see you, rather than your competitors. One way to achieve that is…

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

‘SEO’ is essential to getting your business shown in all of the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo and more). We keep up with all of the latest changes to how they rank search results, so we can make sure your website is easily found by people who are looking for you.

There are no mysterious processes – it’s just takes some comprehensive analytics, time and the right actions to reach the top (we’ll show you what needs to be done and how we’ll do it). In the meantime, we’ll also get you results with…

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

If SEO is what will deliver more and more leads over time (for less effort), SEM is what will bring in results this week. Using a combination of carefully researched and written Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads on the major search engines, we’ll bring in as many quality leads as you can handle. Once we know what works best, we’ll then focus on getting you even more leads for the same amount of money.

Social Media

Great businesses are built with great communities of people behind them. We’ll help you define your ideal customer (demographics, buying preferences, problems they need solved) and then tailor a message that appeals to them.

We’ll do this across a variety of channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more – so wherever your ideal customer is, you’ll be there waiting with the right offer.

Strategy, then SEO/SEM/Social

In our monthly reviews, we’ll look at how your digital marketing strategy has been performing and what’s needed to make it even better.

You’ll get a full analysis of things like your:

Search Engine Ranking

What digital marketing (if any) you’ve done before

Conversion Rate Performance (Month v Year-to-Date)

PPC Analysis and Budget Review

Social Media Statistics and Performance

Plus, we’ll work out how much capacity you have to ramp-up your results next month.
The pace will always be completely up to you.

Why choose Local Visibility?

With a focus on delivering incredible results for businesses, Mike, Jeff and the team are ready to show you what’s possible for yours. Choose a big sales goal and then let us make it happen.

30+ Years Combined Digital Marketing Experience

100 Point Quality Assurance on each Campaign

Expert Australian and International Marketing Team

Here’s what our customers say about us:

Utilised this company for my business website for Raymond Plumbing.

I have found them to provide an exceptional product, great service.

Jeff particularly goes so much further than you could possibly expect.

They have substantially surpassed my expectations.

Mark Raymond

We couldn’t be happier with the work we’ve received from Jeff, Mike & the team.

The site is eye-catching, well-designed and fits seamlessly with our branding.

Local Visibility have been a pleasure to work with.

They were always available and willing to offer guidance and constructive suggestions with our business’ best interests at heart.

The team has far exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t recommend them any higher.

Alex Saunders

I can honestly report that Mike and his team delivered and continue to deliver, above expectations.

Well and truly. We got results within weeks and they followed through. Consistently improving our message and transforming our business.

We trade in a very competitive environment against much bigger players.

We continue to use their services and place a high value on it. I highly recommend them.

Leon Frisch

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